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Copywriter / Media Consultant

What's your story?

If your message doesn't engage consumers on a personal level, not only is it ineffective... it's ignored.

My name is Ryan May. And I'm a freelance copywriter with over 10 years of proven success in copywriting, branding and corporate communications. I’ve written informative, engaging copy for clients operating within more than 30 industries and 17 countries throughout the world.

If you want your business to grow, you have to get the word out. But you also have to use the right words. The good news is: your customers are eager to hear from you! I can help you reach them by providing...


> Expertise

There’s no substitute for experience. And after seven years at one of the largest media production studios in the world (a Fortune 100 company), I’ve worked alongside the best and taken part in some of the most renowned marketing campaigns for internationally-recognized entertainment brands.

Coupled with a degree in print journalism and my extensive experience as a freelance copywriter, I provide strong copy for web content, print ads, newsletters, direct-mailings, e-mail marketing, and a lot more – all with a refined eye toward increased presence and sales in a global marketplace.


>> Creativity

Successful copy is more than just words chosen at random or slapped together without a plan. My fresh, persuasive copy employs the use of time-tested words known to motivate the reader, potentially increasing your sales and boosting your corporate image.

I also possess a rare sensitivity for your overall image, after more than a decade of working with luxury brands and international corporations. I’m proud to bring this forward-looking, comprehensive tone to every project.

>>> Personalization

Whether you sell B2B or direct to consumer, your customers expect an ever-increasing level of personalization. But this is where the job gets fun, because personalization is all about making friends. And friends are repeat customers.

My experienced techniques help you craft a potent, concise message that your target audience can identify with, personally tailored through customized publications, engaging web content, and captivating company or executive bios.

>>>> Value

I’m a strong, dependable resource readily available to you… but only when YOU need me. I offer competitive rates for a superior service – all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. In addition, I do not charge a monthly retainer. The only time you pay for my service is when I’m working for you!

Are you ready to move your business forward?

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