Copywriter / Media Consultant

My goal is to make your life easier...

                  ...and your business more profitable.

You can rely on my services to provide...

Lower marketing costs.
I work for you, but only when YOU need me… and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee with no monthly retainer.

The level of quality you expect. Copy delivered to you fresh, creative and error-free. My meticulously crafted copy makes your job – as my editor – that much easier!

Peace of mind. With my three-step method, each project is divided into three separate drafts: working draft, revised draft and publish draft. This review process eliminates last-minute surprises and allows you to focus your attention on other issues, confident the copy I’m creating for you will be delivered on time and on target!

Reliability. Simply put: I do not miss deadlines.

A professional writer at work for you. My marketing experience and journalistic training set me apart from the “hobbyists.” Don’t settle for second-rate!

Speedy results delivered straight to your in-box. Business conducted through web links and e-mail to save you time and money on shipping costs and eliminate delays.

Convenience – just a call away. Readily available by phone, fax and e-mail — including after hours for clients with pressing deadlines.

All your marketing needs under one roof. Whether you need copy for ads, newsletters, annual reports, microsites or SEO keywords, you can rely on me to deliver strong, relatable, convincing copy on any project – from simple to complex.

Technical savvy. Guarantees you’ll be able to effortlessly edit and forward your copy for review. Copy can be delivered for use in various programs with additional formatting if required.

Satisfaction guaranteed. I offer free rewrites up to 45 days after delivery to ensure you’re not only satisfied but thrilled with your copy.

Trust. Sensitivity and discretion that comes with seven years of Fortune 100 experience. With me, your proprietary information stays that way!

Successful copy you’ll be proud of. Language that delivers your message in a potent, captivating and creative way.

An affordable media consultant on call. Unlike other copywriters, I offer winning ideas for publicity, brand promotions and free media exposure based on seven years of marketing and publicity at one of the world’s largest media producers (check out my FAQ’s to see which one!).

Updates on the latest research. In addition to the continuously updated links I provide on my resources page, I occasionally pass along interesting articles that cross my desk so my clients stay well-informed and ahead of their competitors.

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