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Thank you for your interest in my copywriting services!  
Since you’re taking the time to browse my site, you’re probably searching for a skilled, versatile copywriter. Odds are you’re looking for someone with a combination of:

  • Broad writing expertise

  • Product, sales and marketing experience

  • Brand development

  • Commitment to the increased success of your organization

Look no further – you’ve found it! But whether you have an immediate project in mind or are simply looking for someone you can rely on in the future, you definitely want to know more about a writer before hiring him. I know you’re busy. So in the interest of saving time and money, I’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions below.


  1. What qualifications do you have as a copywriter?

  2. What is your background?

  3. What experience do you have in my industry?

  4. What projects do you handle?

  5. Can you provide assistance with research or interviews?

  6. In addition to Copywriter, your business card says ‘Media Consultant.’ Why?

  7. “Copy analysis” is included on your list of services. What’s that?

  8. What do your services cost?

  9. How soon can I expect to see the finished copy?

  10. What happens if I want to revise the copy?

  11. I’m convinced! How do I order?


What qualifications do you have as a copywriter? 

In the past decade of work, I’ve written copy for news articles and feature stories. I’ve written press releases, photo captions for internationally-syndicated shows (like The Simpsons), promotional material and brand development summaries for 20th Century Fox - a Fortune 100 subsidiary. I’ve also written development reports as a story analyst for the Fox Broadcasting Company. My analysis in these reports was used in the hiring of new writers.


Additionally – as a business owner myself – I use many of the same marketing and promotional methods you do, including direct-mail, web copy (for the site you’re currently browsing) and e-mail marketing. Back to top


What is your background? 

I’m a writer and media specialist with degrees in both print journalism and media production from California State University. I’m also a trained copy editor, adhering to Associated Press guidelines, with published work appearing in print and online. I spent seven years working for News Corporation subsidiaries Fox Broadcasting Company and Twentieth Century Fox Television in Los Angeles where my experience included publicity, marketing, research & development and television production.


I began my career in publicity, working with network publicists to build the Fox brand. I wrote press releases targeting domestic and international outlets. I also wrote promotions, bios and brand summaries for Fox programming, distributed to affiliate stations and media outlets throughout the world. Jumping from the network up to the studio, I worked with research, casting, development, publicity and business affairs to create and promote – through branding and advertising – some of the most renowned entertainment in the world.


This combination of journalism and marketing allows me to confidently offer you strong copy with a refined eye toward increased sales in a global marketplace. Back to top


What experience do you have in my industry? 

Whether you sell B2B or direct to consumer, I most likely have experience dealing with your area of expertise or something similar. If not, you can take confidence in my broad background and diverse knowledge base, an invaluable resource upon which the best copywriters draw. As such, I offer my ability to write clear, persuasive copy on a wide range of products and services, despite the subject’s complexity.


My secret is not only finding your unique sales proposition but also my ability to personalize your brand, a necessity in today’s world of individually-tailored media content.


Contact me today for samples from my portfolio! Back to top


What projects do you handle? 

In short, I handle just about everything! My copywriting services are a one-stop-shop. I specialize in the written word and confidently provide concise, approachable, winning copy on every assignment I receive.


I offer services on a wide assortment of marketing and communications materials including ads, feature articles, press releases, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, case histories, annual reports, product guides, training manuals, web content, speeches and film/video scripts.


Although I’m unable to predict how many responses my work will generate for you, I can – and do – guarantee your satisfaction with the copy I provide. I’ll elaborate more on that below. Back to top


Can you provide assistance with research or interviews? 

Absolutely. Credibility is an essential component in business writing. I’m confident in the strength of my research ability – having been trained as an investigative journalist – and provide a packet of fully documented sources accompanying the finished copy. Upon request, and at no additional charge, I also offer a CD containing MP3s of all interviews I conduct on your behalf.


Clients appreciate that I can sit down with anyone, from politicians and celebrities to attorneys and doctors, ask the necessary questions and get the material needed for concise, compelling copy.


You may have everything you already need – and that’s great. But if I feel the information you provide needs a little more clarity or another interview to give it some color, I won’t hesitate to call and ask. Your success is important to me because when you succeed, I succeed! Back to top


In addition to Copywriter, your business card says ‘Media Consultant.’ Why? 

In addition to fresh, persuasive copy, I can also offer suggestions on ways to improve your corporate image, streamline your message, or increase your sales or response rate through promotional partnerships with suitable vendors and free advertising in the form of media exposure.

In my seven years within the entertainment industry, I took part in and contributed to winning sales and publicity campaigns on globally recognized entertainment brands and helped advance the corporate success of a Fortune 100 company.

I’ve learned from the best and am proud to be able to put the power of that experience to work for you… and at an affordable cost!

Launching a new product or initiative? I’ve produced press junkets for a major television network and have the skills and knowledge to create the buzz and awareness you need to maximize the return on your marketing investment through promotions and targeted media. Back to top


“Copy analysis” is included on your list of services. What’s that? 

Simply put: a fresh set of eyes. A copy analysis provides an objective point of view on your ad, brochure, press release, e-mail campaign or any other project you’d like a second opinion on.


You can order an analysis on a previous project or something currently in the works. In return, you get a detailed breakdown of your copy. I point out the positive aspects and also list the things that could be improved… and how to do so.


My analysis covers copy, layout and design, concept, clarity and (for sales material) the all-important offer. Though I do not write or rewrite copy under this type of assignment, I do provide instructions on how to revise the existing copy.


A copy analysis is great for clients who'd like an unbiased opinion on their copy or for those simply looking for some fresh ideas at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee or agency fee. Back to top


What do your services cost? 

Each project is different. Let me know the specifics of what you have in mind and I’ll quote you a price.

My fee is affected by the following factors:

  • Size of the project: number of pages and size of the page

  • Ratio of copy to art on each page

  • Research or interviews required

  • In-person meetings or conference calls

I typically work for a flat fee. This is a great benefit to my clients as it allows them to plan according to their budget and saves additional fees, like the monthly retainer charged by most ad agencies.

Contact me today for a current fee schedule! Back to top

How soon can I expect to see the finished copy? 
Again, each project is different. Depending on my current workload, I usually request a minimum of 7–14 days to turn around smaller projects like an ad, sales letter, press release, newsletter, feature article or speech. Larger projects, like an ad campaign (three ads or more), training manual, catalog, annual report or projects requiring extensive research, take anywhere from 3–6 weeks or more.

But I understand you may not always have the luxury of time. I’m flexible and happy to work with tighter deadlines as long as I feel the finished product won’t suffer. Regardless, I guarantee you’ll receive your copy by the date we agree upon... or sooner! Back to top

What happens if I want to revise the copy? 
No problem. Just let me know what changes you’d like made and I’ll get it done for you… quickly and courteously.

I guarantee your satisfaction with my work! To back that, I offer two sets of free rewrites for 45 days (an additional 15 days on the 30-day window most other writers offer), provided rewrites are not based on a change to the original assignment or include new information after the finished copy has been submitted.

I’ve worked hard over the past decade to become the best at what I do. Your satisfaction isn’t enough – I want you to be thrilled with the copy you receive from me! On the off-chance you’re not, I’ll gladly rewrite it to your specifications. Back to top

I’m convinced! How do I order? 
This is the easy part. Simply call or e-mail and tell me what you need done. Let me know your goals and your target demographic. Then send me product research, past brochures, annual reports, marketing campaigns and any other literature to provide background on your organization, brand image and preferred editorial style.

I have a thorough checklist of materials I find useful for prep and can easily e-mail it over if you’re unsure exactly what to send. And don’t worry about organizing it – I'll do that. Just shove it in an envelope and send it on its way.

When you give me the green light, I’ll write the assignment. I use a three-step method, dividing each project into three complete drafts: working draft, revised draft and publish draft. This process provides two valuable benefits:

  1. Eliminates problems due to miscommunication by ensuring we’re both on the same page in regard to content and style

  2. Provides you peace of mind, knowing I’m on track and on time, allowing you to focus your attention on other issues

To operate as efficiently as possible, and avoid unexpected shipping delays, I prefer to submit copy via e-mail. However, I’m happy to send a hardcopy on CD via FedEx if you prefer.

As mentioned before, you will receive the finished copy on or before our deadline. And remember… I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with it! Back to top

All that to say…
Whether you need a single-page ad, press release, annual report, training manual, brochure or online copy, my service is available, reliable and guaranteed.

If you have an immediate need, contact me today! There is no charge to discuss your job and receive a cost estimate. And there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

I look forward to hearing from you and contributing to your increased success!
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