Copywriter / Media Consultant
Copywriting is a specialized practice
It incorporates sales and marketing, public relations, a broad range of experience and carefully chosen words... not to mention, a passion for people and the drive to help them succeed.

Fused together, these elements create strong, persuasive, informative copy and are the foundation of my business. I’ve worked hard over the past decade to become the best at what I do. I’m proud of my experience and would like to share some of it with you!

For a closer look at some of my proven methods, please find the FREE white paper available for download below.

Adobe Reader is required for viewing. Don't have it? Download it for FREE here.
There’s more to persuasive copy than a clever phrase. And even worse: filler. Click here to read my FREE white paper – “The 7 Cs of Successful Copy” – to find out how you can build a strong foundation for your next brochure, sales letter, annual report, training manual or microsite.

The future of marketing and PR is personalization and participation, using targeted efforts to tell your audience a story. Contact me today to request a FREE copy of my e-book – “Writing a Strong Feature Story” – for insight on appealing to niche markets and engaging consumers through personalized content in print and online. 

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